Ask Questions, Get Answers

ALLDATA Community is a question and answer site for experienced automotive professionals. Get immediate answers to your tough questions and hard to solve problems. 

ALLDATA subscribers and professional moderators will answers your automotive concerns quickly after they are posted— usually within minutes, and it’s all included in your subscription at no extra cost.

Tips for using ALLDATA Community

1. Only post actual problems
Do not post open-ended questions, ones that are opinion-based, or anything that will generate discussion rather than solutions. This site is not for chit-chat or discussions that are not related to a specific problem.

2. Try to resolve the problem first
You should attempt to resolve the problem first. Be sure to check other available resources such as Technical Service Bulletins, ALLDATA repair articles, and existing posts on ALLDATA Community. Be sure to perform all suggested diagnostic routines before asking for help!

Please do not ask questions for vehicles you are not currently working on. ALLDATA Community is intended to provide answers to technicians needing immediate help for difficult problems.

3. Provide all relevant information
Post the year, make, model, and engine (or VIN code), the system, the symptoms, and a description of the concern. The more details you provide, the greater the chance a solution will be provided.

4. Follow up by verifying and liking repairs
Members take the time to provide possible solutions to your problem, give back to the community by sharing what you learned. If a solution is provided that corrects the problem, take time to explain what fixed it and verify the repair. If a posted repair only helped in resolving the problem but was not the whole solution, "like" the repairs that helped and comment on what fixed it. Please provide feedback even if no solution was posted -every bit of information is important!

Note: Once five of your questions have received answers, you will be unable to post additional questions until you verify if the suggested answers were effective or not This is designed to make the community stronger for everyone who would like to know if the suggested answers were effective!

Here's how ALLDATA Community works:

  • Find verified repairs by searching or browsing the list of questions and answers.

  • If no repair is found, ask your question or concern.

  • Automotive professionals provide answers and repairs to your questions.
  • When a repair works, verify it. Posting and verifying repairs helps all community members.